mountain bike Pigeon Creek Trail System
Stacked Loop Mountain Biking & Hiking Trails
On Lake Norfork near Mountain Home, Arkansas
a National Recreation Trail maintained by Twin Lakes Bicycle Club

Trail # 104

View of Lake Norfork from trail #104

"Once you begin down the dark path, forever will it control your Destiny."

Let's do a 'fly-over' of #104. It's almost 2 miles long. 104 takes you as far from "civilization" as you can get on this NRT (National Recreation Trail). Hikers love it...mountain bikers love it too. It's fast, it's fun, it was built with the purest intentions of a MTB Race Course.

Along the way, the trail builders discovered some very interesting features that even the land managers didn't know about. An old tool-shed foundation, a hand-built stone-lined well 30 feet deep, some rusted John Deere stuff, and glass bottles from the old days when Ivory dish soap and Jim Beam weren't common household names. At one point, you might see an old airplane 'chemical tank' dated 1942. It's painted silver. The 'plate' is still on it. How it got there, or why - No one knows.

Once you reach the highest point of the trail, a most spectacular view of Pigeon Creek awaits you! Watching the Sun set from this vantage point is simply Awe-Inspiring.

Trails #105 and #106 both originate from trail # 104.

Trail #104 Maps: - outline | topo

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