Pigeon Creek Trail System
Stacked Loop Mountain Biking & Hiking Trails
On Lake Norfork near Mountain Home, Arkansas
a National Recreation Trail maintained by Twin Lakes Bicycle Club

Driving Directions & Trail Heads
GPS: 36-24-42N x 092-21-59W

West side trail head (200 series trails) | East side trail head (100 series trails)

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The Pigeon Creek National Recreation Trail is located in Pigeon Creek Park, a Corps of Engineers 'Day-Use' area on Lake Norfork. This trail system is open to bicycle and hiking use only.

From Mountain Home, take Hwy 201 North approx 5 miles. Just across the Pigeon Creek Bridge, a small parking area and trail head are on the left (west). This is the trailhead for the '200' series, and the 'Lost Mine Trail' that connects to the Wolfley Hole system. Less than 100 yards further north on Hwy 201, is the entrance to Pigeon Creek Park on the right (east). Here you will find the trailhead for the '100' series. A picnic table and kiosk with map are on the left, just inside the park.

From Missouri, take Hwy J south from its intersection with Hwy 160 near Hardenville ( just East of Gainesville). Hwy J becomes Hwy 201 at the State line. Approximately 6 miles from State line, look for Pigeon Creek Park on the left.  If you cross the Pigeon Creek Bridge, then you've gone too far.

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