Water bird Pigeon Creek Trail System
Stacked Loop Mountain Biking & Hiking Trails
On Lake Norfork near Mountain Home, Arkansas
a National Recreation Trail maintained by Twin Lakes Bicycle Club

Trail # 105

Trail #105


Perhaps the prettiest and most picturesque trail of all is #105. It's referred to by local bicyclist as "Three Dogs". The story goes... "Once upon a time, a highly praised trail miester was swathing a new section of trail through a mighty pine grove. The trees in that forest grew so fast that he could hardly afford to wait one day between cuttings. As he was always there, sweating and singing, the animals grew accustomed to the
trail miester. On one fateful day, three rabid half-breed coyote, German shepherd,
Labrador poodles emerged from the blackness of the forest to contest the human
intrusion. The trail miester met their cold, distant and collective stares with a great song. Those 3 mutts have never been seen since. "

The long, straight section of 105 that you see on the map, coming off of the gravel road and going NNE, is an old logging road blanketed in pine needles. Gear up and it's hammer time! Hard packed soil and no rock equals one fast ride. Until...until the road ends and the trail turns to the right into a pine glade. Mountain bikers will find it difficult to enjoy the expansive view of the lake. Smart bikers will be too busy dodging trees and hopping over roots that protrude six inches out of the ground as they negotiate this tight and twisty section at speed. It reminds many of that "Speeder" scene in Star Wars, where the storm troopers repeatedly lose control and slam into

Next come the rocks. Not little rocks, not big rocks. These rocks are 'just right'. They are on the right and on the left. These are rocks with considerable heft. Slick and slimy in the rain, they have dealt much pleasure and pain.

At one point, you have an option of taking a three-foot drop between two ancient oaks, or riding down a steep ramp. Either way, there's a switchback waiting for you. That switchback will lead you into one grunt of a climb (sixty feet up in 300 feet of trail) back up to trail #104.

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