mountain bike Pigeon Creek Trail System
Stacked Loop Mountain Biking & Hiking Trails
On Lake Norfork near Mountain Home, Arkansas
a National Recreation Trail maintained by Twin Lakes Bicycle Club

Trail # 204

Pigeon Creek trail #204

Trail #204, while not a part of the Pigeon Creek NRT, deserves mention for a number of reasons. It is recommended for foot traffic and experienced bicyclist' only. This is the trail that we were given permission to build, but we got some funny looks in the process. " guys do whatever you want. But, uh, well, have you looked at the Topo for that proposed trail?" It was in an area of classic Ozark Mountains terrain - steep and rocky.

About one year later, we had it connected to another trail system to the west of Lake Norfork called Wolfley Hole. This little one-mile trail opened up another ten miles of trail and Jeep roads to access from the Pigeon Creek end of Lake Norfork..

Locally, it's referred to as the 'Lost Mine' Trail. Why? Well, during its construction, the builders found an old exploratory mine shaft that was probably used in the search for zinc in the early days of radio. The trail passes right by that vertical hole now full of water. Several tools were also lost to gravitational forces that preside over areas of such "sheer" beauty. Retainer walls were built of native stone in many places simply to have a place to put dirt from the hill-top, so the trail would be passable. A visiting IMBA Trail Care crew said that they had never seen, much less ridden, a trail like that. They said it had "tremendous exposure".

Lost Mine Trail

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