butterfly Pigeon Creek Trail System
Stacked Loop Mountain Biking & Hiking Trails
On Lake Norfork near Mountain Home, Arkansas
a National Recreation Trail maintained by Twin Lakes Bicycle Club

Trail # 101

Trail 101


Trail #101 begins at the trailhead in Pigeon Creek Park, right beside #100,
just behind the Kiosk.

This Intermediate Level trail begins somewhat technical for bicyclist', but soon becomes a well groomed trail passing by an area where an Ozark home once stood
in the days before the North Fork of the White River was dammed, creating
Lake Norfork. Someone planted yellow Iris' here many years ago, and the Iris
have survived the years in admirable fashion.

This trail is a favorite with hikers seeking a longer route. At just under two miles, the trail offers up almost every kind of terrain, vegetation and wildlife common to this part of the Ozark Mountains. Large limestone outcrops, dry creek crossings, cedar glades, and wild spearmint add to the pleasure of common wildlife sightings. Deer and squirrel are plentiful, but a sharp eye can often catch a fox wondering if you see her as she watches you.

Bicyclist of all skill levels can enjoy this trail, as it offers a bit of everything. At its eastern-most end, you will find a hill that will make those legs burn! At the top of that climb, at its intersection with #102, either take #101 downhill along a washed-out section of old logging road to go home, or turn left onto #102 for an easy, breezy ride.

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