Lake Norfork Arkansas Striped Bass Fishing with Breckenridge Fishing Guides

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Large Striper-Lake Norfork
Sept. - 38 pounder Norfork Lake


striped bass norfork lake arkansas
Nov. 32 lb striper Norfork Lake

Catching Big Lake Norfork Striped Bass
Several times a year our guests catch 30-pound plus Lake Norfork stripers. But as a general rule you won't catch a big striper every trip. Many people catch a large striper when just casually fishing, not making any particular effort for a larger fish. Our goal in your fishing trip pleasure is putting you on a school of stripers where you'll get plenty of action. And that also gives the best possible odds of catching a large striper. So you come out ahead in the pleasure factor either way!

Catching the big tigers of Lake Norfork usually requires baits that just plain scares smaller fish. Pursuing big stripers is a serious, fast-paced hunt requiring an intimate knowledge of the lake, striper habitat, and big fish habits. Tackle needs to be modified to accommodate the powerful runs these monsters are famous for making. While highly skilled striper fishers do catch the big ones on light tackle, it takes considerable practice, or a good guide to show you how while the fish is on your line. Your Breckenridge fishing guide has the experience and the tackle to optimize your luck in catching one of the large striped bass Lake Norfork is famous for!

Fun In The Numbers
Limits of stripers come anytime of the year when guests fish with Breckenridge Guide Service. Lake Norfork stripers average about 8 to 14 pounds. And it's hard to have more fishing fun than catching several of them out of a school. Using smaller baits and lighter tackle you'll think you've hooked a whale! We'll rig up an 8 ft. noodle rod for you with 6 lb. monofilment line. Stripers on light tackle make for a fight you'll not soon forget!

More Than Just Stripers
While Lake Norfork stripers are what most people want to pursue, there's also plenty of time to go for largemouth bass, crappie, and hybrids. Lake Norfork has good populations of all of these species. Many of our guests enjoy fishing for stripers in the morning, then fishing for other species later on in the day. Just let us know what you want to do, and we'll guide you to it!

limit of stripers norfork lake arkansas
Aug. - Average-sized Norfork lake stripers

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