About Breckenridge Fishing Guides & Trips On Lake Norfork

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Here's What 25 Years Plus Experience Will Give You

Russ Breckenridge with norfork lake striper
July - Russ Breckenridge & nephew

Russell Breckenridge with lake norfork striper
December - Russell Breckenridge

Breckenridge Guide Service team on cell phones
Team work on the cell phones

Breckenridge Guide Service has been featured in:

1. Field & Stream - July 2000 & April 2001
2. Southern Sporting Journal
3. Mid-South Outdoors TV Show
4. Woods & Water TV Show
5. Picked By You Guides - a publication listing professional guides which are selected by their customers
6. Viper Boats Pro Staff

Superb Fishing Knowledge
Russell Breckenridge, and Russ Breckenridge have been guiding on Lake Norfork, the White River, and the Norfork River for 25 years. They have been featured in numerous fishing magazines and TV shows.

Team Work via Cellphone
The single most important aspect of being able to consistently catch stripers is just knowing where they are. Since stripers travel in schools most of the year, and since there is at least 500 miles of shoreline they follow along Lake Norfork, keeping up with these powerful fish is no easy task.

While a good striper guide has many ways of keeping track of where the schools are, the cellphone has made the job much easier. By splitting up and checking the most likely spots for the day, then reporting results to each other, tracking stripers is much faster.

Boating safety is more complex than meets the eye. Floating debris and submerged objects, rapidly changing weather conditions, and a clear understanding of boating traffic rules are all safety issues your Breckenridge guides are well familiar with.

Lake Navigation
With 500 miles of shoreline, all of which is a maze of creek arms and coves with few distinctive features, its easy to get lost. Your Breckenridge guides know the lake well and will not waste precious fishing time trying to navigate from point to point.

Full Time Guides All Year
Conducting fishing and hunting trips is a full time, all-year profession for the Breckenridge family. This keeps them on the lake and river in all weather conditions in all seasons. Regardless of what time of year, Breckenridge guides are available.


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