cycling norfork Pigeon Creek Trail System
Stacked Loop Mountain Biking & Hiking Trails
On Lake Norfork near Mountain Home, Arkansas
a National Recreation Trail maintained by Twin Lakes Bicycle Club

Trail # 106

Trail #106

AC/DC and the Rolling Stones should be playing in your head on this trail. Do you remember Black Oak Arkansas? You will. "It's a long way to the top if ya wanna Rock 'n Roll". 

Branching off from trail #104, #106 starts with some serious elevation gain. Definitely a job for SuperGranny! Once you've made it to the top at 740 feet, there's no time to regain your composure. You're going down. Fast.

"Jumpin' Jack Flash, it's a gas". Gravity and gears will drop you 150 feet in just under 1/2 mile. Careful observers will notice the 'Hangin' Tree'. There's a large, barkless area on this tree that is about pedal height from the ground.

About the time that your fingers are sore from braking and your nerves are frayed, it's time to pour on the gas. Near the bottom, the trail dives into a sweeping corner that is bermed two-feet high. Following that is another in the opposite direction. A bit of downhill run-out tempts a rider into a mellow mood.

"They call me, uugh, Hot and Nasty. Yeesss, but won't you call me, uugh, Mr. Fancy?" As soon as you're feeling the groove and ready to take on some get it. A blind corner presents a log-hop. Clear it and ride on up a slight incline to the 'Log Jam', a large pile of logs devilishly placed to reduce whatever momentum you might have had to Zilch. Luckily, the climb from there is gradual. Can you take the humidity? This section of trail, between two ridges, seldom sees a breeze. It's Hot. You're Nasty!

Note: a new trail, #107, is currently under construction off of #106. This new trail is not part of the Pigeon Creek NRT. Info on #107 will only be available at Bikes&Things until further notice.

Trail #106 Maps: -  outline | topo

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